SWAGGA is a next gen gateway to play to earn, DeFi, Asset Tokenisation and all things Web 3.

SWAGGA works with the best premium blockchain ecosystems, venture capitalists, best in class GameFi and DeFi teams to add value and ensure the best business models, teams and brands flourish.

SWAGGA has constructed it’s own ‘play to earn’ gaming and DeFi bespoke launch pad concept which is supported by partners who are looking to differentiate themselves yet populate their chain with the best in class games and DeFi, our team is steeped in AAA title experience, game funding and strategic partner development utilising cutting edge blockchain &NFT technology.

We also harness the power of Web3 for brands, rights holders & IP owners. SWAGGA builds brands, NFT assets and Metaverse capability for clients.

SWAGGA is uniquely positioned to help you conceptualise, design, build, license, operate and monetise new models with your IP. We have the strongest network with tier one technology companies, the biggest marketplaces, strategic partners and web3 specialists.

SWAGGA also has partnerships with blockchains and legal teams who can bring to life tokenisation models across all categories from entertainment & media, FMCG and property.

We act as the conduit between your brand and the Metaverse

IGO LaunchPad / GameFi

We drive an Initial Game Offering with our Launchpad, an immediate way to invest in the development of blockchain games. We help you navigate this process from start to finish.

Crypto + Blockchain Brand Partnerships

We help our blockchain clients find their voice and build engaging communities with content & strategies that resonate with target audiences

Brand, Celebrity IP + Character Licensing

We build, broker, advise and license IP into Web3, Metaverse and NFT markets.

Tokenisation of Assets

SWAGGA believes in a new protocol for digital trade. We are setting out to change the world by redefining the relationship between physical assets and distributed digital commerce. We work with reputable best in class partners capable of tokenising property, asset, art and other asset classes.

DAO, DeFi & Fintech Ventures

DeFi – OR financial services provided by an algorithm blockchain without the need for a traditional financial services company – can be difficult to grasp. We provide insight and guidance around how DeFi can enable, power or enhance clients portfolio or growth.